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Psycholog Praha, Psychoretapie Praha

About Me

I was born in Prague in 1977. I grew up in Prague district Smíchov*, and laughter is one of my favourite therapeutic tools. I have a degree from Charles University, the Faculty of Philosophy, majoring in Psychology, as well as from the Academy of Performing Arts, majoring in Drama Education. I have worked as a drama therapist in Prague Motol hospital, and as a marriage counselor in Králův Dvůr. I am a therapist and a coach certified in Body-oriented Integrative Psychotherapy, Basic Drama Therapy and Somatic Coaching. Apart from being a therapist I also co-lead the company Impropact. I perform in theatre and practice martial arts. I live in Nové Jirny with my family.  


*Smíchov is a name based on the Czech word for laughter

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