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Coaching is a process which provides the coachee with support to reach specific personal goals. The coach frees the potential of the coachee to reach these goals by working with him/her. The coach guides the coachee through specification of the objective, the search for ways of achieving it, and finally through the realisation of the newly discovered strategy.  

For business


Executive Coaching


Executive coaching applies coaching to business environment. The coaching request usually comes from the employer, who also covers the coaching fees. The coach and coachee set the objectives together with the coachee's manager or Human Resources Department. The outcomes of executive coaching can include, apart from achieved objectives, also a report for the coachee's manager. The coachee approves this report before it is presented to his/her manager. 


Example situations: 

  • The employee needs to find the right leadership style, so that his/her team accept his/her leadership.

  • The employee needs to find work-life balance. 

  • The employee needs to overcome fear of public speaking and presentation. 

  • The manager needs to structure his/her thoughts when making complicated decisions. 

  • I need to find energy to oppose my manager when he/she is not right. 

Trading Coaching


Trading coaching specifically focuses on the needs of traders, especially in situations when they compulsivelly break their money management rules. The trader gains deeper understanding of the psychological causes of his/her failures during coaching, and develops new strategies of minimising the risk of future failures at the same time. Trading coaching also contains elements of Willpower coaching.


Example situations:

  • I constantly loose after the transition from simulation to live trading. 

  • I am not able to close the day with a loss.

  • When I have a very successful day, I regularly close the next day with a big loss. 

  • I am not able to follow the rules I have set for myself.



  • 4000 - 6000 Kč / 50 min.

For Individuals


Willpower Coaching


Willpower Coaching specifically focuses on the willpower area. It's tailored for clients who know exactly WHAT they want/should/need to achieve, but they are for some reason unable to do it. Willpower coaching enables the coachee to reach his/her goal and the coachee learns how to develop her/her willpower in the future as well.  


Example objectives:

  • Start doing something - exercising, painting, runing, writing reports.

  • Stop doing something - eating sweets, smoking, doing overtime, excesive shopping.



Life Coaching


Life Coaching applies coaching to everyday life, and it focuses on achieving a specific goal. Unlike Willpower Coaching,  the coachee often doesn't have a clear idea HOW to achieve his/her objective, and the objective itself often needs clarification as well. Life coaching is especially usefull when coachee's life circumstances are changing (change of relationship, work, personal habits), or when he/she is preparing for such a change. 


Example situations:

  • I want to change jobs. I don't know yet what I would like to do.

  • My mother in law has moved in with us. How can I deal with this situation?

  • I haven't finished two universities already. What should I do to be succesfull this time?

  • I am not able to motivate the rest of my family to help me. 

  • I´m unable to loose weight.



  • 2000 - 4000 Kč / 50 min.

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