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Body as a Path to Health


Body as a Path to Health is a psychotherapeutic programe which we have been running with my colleague PhDr. Bernadeta Bechyňová for ten years now. The program is based on Biosynthesis concept. It works with processes arising spontaneously at he level of body, mind and emotions, and it looks for a way of integrating them. You will find a lot of excercises based on mindfull work with body, movement, breath and voice in the program.              


The program is here for those who would like to:

  • develop and deepen their contact with the self 

  • strenghten their own internal resources and vitality

  • support the growth of their natural potential and intuition

  • do something to alleviate and prevent psychosomatic difficulties

  • relieve accumulated stress

  • prevent long-term fatigue and burnout


Duration 12x2 hours + entry interview

Willpower Training


Willpower Training is a group focused on development of willpower. In short, human will is the ability to do what needs to be done. This ability can be developed. All it takes is to introduce key habits into your life and systematically get rid of bad habits that complicate your life. Willpower is a fantastic tool for achieving objectives, personal and work related as well. Successful use of willpower has positive impact on quality of life, we feel better about ourselves.


The program lasts 10 weeks and you will learn:

  • how to increase sensitivity to yourself so that you can identify impending risks in time

  • what habits you should introduce to your life so that you develop your willpower continuously

  • why it is important to slow down from time to time

  • how to work systematically on achieving long-term goals

  • how to get rid of never-ending procrastination

  • what is moral licensing and how not to get trapped by it

  • how to maintain positive habits


Duration 2x2 hours


Price 6000,- Kč



Marital and couples counselling during divorce and partnership crisis.



  • Individual consultation    2000 Kč / 50 min.

  • Couples consultation       3000-4500 Kč / 50 - 90 min.

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