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I believe psychotherapy is one of the paths to a full and free life. People usually enter psychotherapy when they realise that their behaviour / experiencing patterns no longer work as they used to, or they bring more difficulties than joy and benefits. 


How does it work?


The process of psychotherapy can vary to a great degree, it depends on the type of psychotherapy the therapist is trained in. It basically means working with client's behavior and experiencing, with the objective of relieving the client from his/her current difficulties. The client meets with the therapist regularly and works on his/her topics. Psychotherapy is not talking. Depending on their training, the therapists use a range of other methods besides talking - drawing, imagination, working with dreams, free association, physical exercise, specific types of massage, in some cases even acupuncture points stimulation. The client can work on assignments. It is important to pay attention to therapist selection, it is common practice that a client tries out several therapists. 

When to enter psychotherapy? 


  • Inability to find or maintain a long-term relationship 

  • Emptiness of life - feeling that life has no meaning

  • Repeating of dysfunctional patterns after parents 

  • The aftermath of a traumatic experience limits free experiencing of the client 

  • The client feels emotions he/she doesn't understand, suffers from depression, anxiety

  • Inability to be oneself 

  • Dependence on a partner, gambling, addiction to work, food, etc. 


Duration of psychotherapy


Psychotherapy usually lasts longer than counseling or coaching. It works on a deeper level, and often affects the structure of the personality. The duration of psychotherapy is usually from several months to several years, with meetings once in two weeks or once a week. In case of a crisis there can be two meetings a week. 


Ending of psychotherapy


The impulse to end therapy can come from the client as well as therapist. When therapy is being concluded, one or two closing sessions take place as a rule. 


Price (sessions in English)

  • 1500 Kč / 50 min. (based on agreement, Skype/Zoom/...)

  • 1500 Kč / 50 min. (7.00 - 18.00, Praha, Karlova 18)

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